Style is a way of being and it is very personal. It has no rules or age: it means being always comfortable with yourself” (Daniele Ancarani)


Daniele Ancarani started out in the 80’s as a woman’s footwear designer in companies based in Bologna, his hometown: Buccheri, Bruno Magli and Di Sandro. In 2001 he developed his first collection: style, class and good taste are the brand’s guidelines, which deletes frills, modernist hyperboles and the “young at all costs” rule, supporting the simplicity of the shapes with elaborate details and craft finishes.

Daniele Ancarani supports the need to “leave sensationalism in order to propose portable and concrete products. This doesn’t mean delete creativity or fantasy, but use them to achieve style and profitability successes “. As a passionate traveler, he is also a seller of the lines he designes for. 

The first boutique opened in Bologna in the 2001, and its furniture is inspired by American architecture in the ’40s; later on Ancarani opens some other shops in Bologna, Perugia, Catania and Rome, each one with its own peculiar identity.

A new showroom is inaugurated in Bologna in the 2014 when Fabio Alibrandi arrives as work and life partner. The space was created in an old factory where collections are presented to national and international customers.


The Ancarani collections are inspired by sophisticated but comfortable streetwear, where forms and heights are not extreme. Continuous customer relationships bring Ancarani to a constant review of market needs: the brand’s philosophy was to point to quality product with an affordable price, aiming for a contemporary shoe, where materials, colors, lines, are designed and selected with extreme care and attention.