Autumn Winter 2018

Autumn Winter 2018

For the upcoming fall winter season 2018 /2019, Daniele Ancarani is launching a collection of footwear made of little details rich in History, in tactile perceptions that go beyond the satisfaction of sight. The final product is unique and exclusive and sums up the results of most modern technologies on the one hand and the faithful adherence to traditional footwear technique on the other. A step back, for the designer, to focus on a detail of the past and rethink it in a contemporary vision.

The stylistic DNA chosen for this season is streetwear originating from sportswear. A street fashion that finds inspiration and develops trends from streetwear, a youth culture that express its own style in a trendy and cool way.

Three are the main areas in the collection, from a sportier trend to a more elegant proposal for a perfect wardrobe on line with the most modern trends.

Sporty Chic – A series of fitting over footwear having a gender fluid approach at the limit with sneakers. A revolution that does not abandon the little internal rises necessary to slender the silhouette and mixes together chic and urban style for a gritty and charmed bearing. The series plays through marine, camel and black shades characterized by symbols typical of Daniele Ancarani’s brand. Uppers showing adherences and romanticism, rubber bands, flowers and big buckles. 

Vintage – This topic steps back to the ‘80s, time of eccentricity in look, of trainers, jelly and coloured shoes. For next winter, the collection acquires pointed ankle boots that recall punk style and closed top line décolleté symbol of feminine elegance. Heels stay thin, do not overpass 5 cm and are polished by brilliant colours such as ruby, amethyst, green forest and animalier. Precious materials, soft and velvety to the touch like suede and soft leather are at the base of each shoe.

Glamour – Fantasy and glamour melt together to create different styles and codes, a rebirth that dates back to the ‘50s with its now iconic shapes. Bon-ton look and pin up fashion retrace past atmospheres. Non-conventional heels take on a primary role in the design. Heel geometries rise to architectures similar to the essential and monolithic ones of ‘50s. Ball heels lacquered in glossy gold, in smoke coloured Plexiglas in two heights or nugget heels of only 2 cm, become the must-have for the upcoming winter season together with impalpable shimmering fabrics, coloured chamois, soft varnishes in the shades of lacquers and velvets whose colours resemble those of Japanese kimonos.